Alyssa Meeks, a woman who loves her flower shop

Alyssah Meeks’ passion for flowers dates back to her childhood, when she grew up in a flower-growing family.

Her father, a gardener, would come home from work with a bundle of flowers in his trunk, and when she would ask what they were, he would tell her that he had just picked them from the local blooming spot.

The blossoms were beautiful, but the flowers were also an obstacle to her budding love for flower art.

“I started making my own art and painting them, and then it was just a matter of making a few and I was just like, ‘Man, I really like flowers,'” Meeks told Ars.

Meeks began making her own flowers in the 1990s and, after a few years, she was selling her handmade creations online and at local flower shows.

Then, in 2006, Meeks decided to open her own flower shop.

She said she needed a place where people could come and buy flowers, and that the flowers weren’t as expensive as they were at home.

So she bought the building where the shop now stands in downtown Hoboken, and now sells flower bouquets, petals, and other products.

When Meeks first started, her shop was an absolute bust.

It was filled with just a few flower vendors, and Meeks was selling all kinds of different kinds of flower art, from colorful to abstract, from hand-drawn to digital.

She didn’t have the space to grow her own plants, so she had to buy them from a local garden store.

But Meeks said the business grew exponentially.

In 2013, Macks shop sold out of the original 500 flower bouquet sets, which included a selection of different types of flowers.

Now, the shop’s popularity is reaching new heights.

Last year, the business sold out its 100,000th flower bouquin set, according to Meeks.

And the number of customers a day at the shop has doubled since Meeks started the business in 2006.

According to Mews, the success of the shop is down to the fact that people are really looking for something different and unique.

“I think people are finding it more in the abstract, because it’s not a very practical art, but it is something that they really want to make,” she said.

I think I can make my own flower, and I just hope that people find it interesting.

Meeks explained that she hopes that people will see the art as something to share with their friends, and even buy some.

Alyssa said the flower-buying community is very small and very welcoming, but she also believes the market is going to grow in the future.

“It’s important for people to know there is a market for this, that they can come and spend money on things, that people love these things, and they can show their friends,” she explained.

“I think that’s going to become a part of the culture of flower-finding.

We just hope people keep in touch with it and keep the art alive.”