Cincinnati flower shops offer flower coupons

CROFTON, Ohio — Cincinnati flower shop Sweet Tea, a popular spot in the Cincinnati area for the past year and a half, has begun offering coupons to those who need them.

The coupon program, which began last month, is one of several in Ohio that has helped Sweet Tea expand its inventory.

The store, which has been around since 2011, has been offering coupons for $1 and $2 flowers to the public since April 25.

It has received about 1,000 requests and received more than $500 in coupons, said owner Susan D. Moore.

She said she had previously started offering coupons, but had only limited success.

Now, Sweet Tea is expanding its offer to all flower shops.

It will accept a variety of coupons, including coupons for cash, as well as a discount for purchases of flowers from the store’s pet-friendly shop.

“We’ve always had a flower store in Cincinnati that we’ve had to go out and buy flowers from, so we’re really excited about this new program,” said Moore, who opened Sweet Tea in May.

The store is located at 1724 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Crittenton, a suburb east of Cincinnati.

Crown Heights residents have been using coupons for more than a decade to save on their flower purchases.

Last year, Crown Heights residents were able to get discounts of up to 50 percent on flower purchases made with cash, and the store had a 50 percent discount for pet-free purchases.

Other stores offering coupons include Blue Bottle Coffee, which started offering a coupon for a $5 coupon in the fall, and Blacksmith Flowers, which offers a $10 coupon for an unlimited flower order.

Crown Hills is a small neighborhood with more than 5,000 residents, including a popular flower shop.

The area has seen a number of small businesses closing or closing at a time.