How to choose a flower shop in Alexandria

Alexandros, a popular flower shop with a popular atmosphere, will close for good Thursday, officials said.

The shop was set to close for the week, but after receiving a $7,500 donation from the business’ former owners, the city decided to make it permanent.

“Our goal is to remain open for all our customers,” said Alison Mares, the owner of the flower shop.

Mares said her family had been selling flowers to local residents for the last 15 years.

The shop’s closure will affect about 1,100 customers, she said.

Mare said she had been looking to sell the business for about three years.

She said she was not aware of any other flower shop that would be closed, and that she hoped to open a new shop sometime in the next few weeks.

Mavis G. Haney, the deputy director of Alexandria’s Office of Economic Development, said the city received more than $3 million in donations for the closure.

The city also said that, to ensure that flower shops in Alexandria continue to serve their customers, it will require businesses to get approval from the city to operate and maintain flower shop hours.

Hanes and Mares said they plan to submit a request for approval this week to help determine whether or not they qualify.

The owners of flower shops have been asking the city for help for years, said John Hanes, a longtime Alexandria resident and owner of Flower Shop Alexandria.

He said he was also planning to reopen the shop this week.

Hanes said he has not heard from the City of Alexandria about any plans to reopen, and he said he does not believe the city has any plans for any future flower shops.

“I am sure that the city will have a new plan, I have no idea,” Hanes said.

Haney said the decision to close the shop was not unexpected.

The store was set up in 2004, and had been in business since it opened.

The flower shop was closed for more than a decade because the owners of the business, who did not want their names published, declined to renew their lease, said Mares.

Males said she plans to sell flowers on the premises, but would also open a store in the area.

Marius Hanes was the owner for more then 20 years and is no longer a resident of Alexandria.

His sister, Monique, owns the shop.

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