It’s Time to Take Back the Garden! From The Beatles to The Beatles II to The Grateful Dead, This is How We Can Stop the War on Trees

The Beatles have played a central role in shaping the global landscape of music, but it wasn’t until the 1970s that the group really began to take off.

They broke up in 1965 after the band’s hit single “You Can’t Do That On TV” went to number one on the US Billboard charts.

The group released the single in 1970, which would go on to become the band of the decade.

The group’s signature hit song “Hey Jude” would be a defining moment for the Beatles.

With their debut album and subsequent live shows being widely acclaimed, the group continued to play major venues, as well as play concerts and other performances around the world.

After a couple of years of touring the world, the Beatles released their last album in 1974.

The band’s legacy lives on today, but as the global environmental crisis continues to mount, it’s time to take back the garden.

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