Rosie’s Flower Shop Looks Like A Real Wedding Photographer: ‘It’s A Very Beautiful Show’

Rosie and her partner, Ross, were on a honeymoon in Paris last month when they spotted a beautiful flower shop in the heart of the city.

Rosie said she and Ross decided to stop in for a few bites.

She told ABC News, “We were like, ‘Wow, we should come back to this place.

It’s beautiful, it’s a very beautiful show.'”

Ross said they walked into the flower shop and found the store “full of people.”

Rosie told ABC affiliate ABC 6, “It’s a beautiful place, and you can’t help but feel you’re in love with the people there, and I just thought, ‘Well, I’m going to come back, I’ve got to show people.'”

She said the couple ended up spending more than $100 on flowers, as well as spending an additional $300 on flowers.

Rosies website sells flowers for $35 and includes tips on how to choose the right size and color for a variety of occasions.

Rosier said she doesn’t have any special experience in flower photography, but she does enjoy taking portraits of people she likes.

Rosied told ABC 6 that she loves being a photographer, and that she doesn