The best way to learn to swim

The NFL is set to launch a new online learning service, but it’s not just for kids.

It’s a platform that teaches everything from basic skills like the basics of how to swim to the more advanced, and we’re talking about advanced learning like how to tackle an obstacle course.

According to the NFL, the new service will be available in five markets this year and will be integrated with, the official website of the league.

The service is part of the NFL’s “NFL+” initiative that is aimed at helping players learn how to become more involved in their team’s activities.

The program, which was launched last month, will be rolled out across the league in 2019.

According the NFL site, the program will help players develop skills they need to excel in all aspects of the game.

Players can learn basic swimming, how to balance and jump on boats, how and when to wear a helmet and more.

The platform also has a section dedicated to “game science” and “the science of football.”

“This is a great platform for kids who want to learn more about the sport, but they want to do it in an interactive way,” NFL vice president of product development, Ryan McBride, said in a statement.

“The experience on the platform will be engaging, interactive, and focused on the skills needed to become a better athlete.”

The site is being built by a group of developers at Google, which is part owned by Alphabet Inc., and is not affiliated with the NFL.

However, the NFL has said that it will work with Google and other partners to integrate the platform.

While the platform isn’t designed for kids, it’s intended for players to learn new skills while on the field.

It will be a learning experience that is designed to make it easier for players and coaches to understand and improve on the things they are doing.

“As the NFL is always looking to create a better learning experience for our fans and players, this new interactive learning platform is the perfect platform to give our fans a chance to learn while they are on the practice field,” NFL Executive VP of Player Engagement John Lynch said in the statement.

“The NFL+ community is a powerful force for change and innovation, and this platform will empower players and fans to take part in the NFL+ experience,” Lynch added.