Ocala Flower Shop is closing in two weeks

Ocara Flower Shop will close on February 27.

The shop, which is located at 8201 South Florida Blvd., is expected to close February 21, according to the Ocascan Times.

It was originally opened in 2012, but closed after three months in February because of financial issues.

The closure was announced by the Oceanside Community Association on Facebook, where members wrote, “Ocala is a small town, but Ocalia is a wonderful community, and we know Ocally will always have a special place in our hearts.”

The community also posted a note of support for Ocalyans, who they say have been left feeling “torn apart.”

The Ocaloans community, we know we have lost one of our own.

We are a family.

And as Ocaliens, we are grateful for the support and support that has been provided to Ocallians who were affected by this tragedy.

We will continue to support Ocalans in this time of need.

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