When Madison flower shop goes up for sale


(AP) Madison flower seller Madison Flower Shop, the company that made a name for itself in the city’s West Side in the late 1970s and early 1980s, is about to go out of business.

Owner Scott Kranz says the chain will close up shop at its new downtown site by the end of the month.

“The people that were there in the past, they’re not coming back,” Kranzz said.

“We’ll continue to offer the same great customer service, and the same fantastic service.”

Kranz has been with Madison Flower for about a year and has sold the business to a group of investors, including a former employee of his.

The company was founded by former Madison Mayor George Dyer in 1971 as a grocery store.

The shop grew rapidly, and by the time Kranzes first opened it, he was selling more than 500 varieties of flowers.

“There’s no way to say that Madison FlowerShop is not a symbol of the city,” Krazz said in a statement.

“It is a symbol that embodies everything that Madison is.

It is a store that brings the people of Madison together.

Madison Flower will always be a part of my heart.”

Krazz says the company will keep a handful of employees in the area, which includes downtown and the historic East Side.

The group that purchased the Madison Flower shop is not known for a reputation for good customer service.

Kranzi said they have been the targets of hate mail and vandalism, and some residents have threatened to boycott the store.

Kranzes family moved to Wisconsin from Florida in the 1970s.

He worked for Kraetz for 30 years and was promoted to CEO in 2009.

He’s been in the retail business for about 10 years, including for years in the Midwest and the West Side of Chicago.

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