Why we’re going back to the grocery store

We can’t always buy the stuff we want anymore.

That’s why we’re headed to the local grocery store.

But this time, instead of stocking up on fresh produce, we’re taking our favorite items and giving them to other shoppers.

The concept is called the “downtown grocery,” and the goal is to create a community that doesn’t have to travel to a store to get the basics.

We’re hoping to make a difference in the lives of families with children who are living in poverty, who don’t have a place to shop, and who need to eat and get their groceries delivered.

We recently took our shopping trip to the New Hope Marketplace in Portland, Ore., where we got to see what we could find at a grocery store that serves all its customers from a food pantry.

The grocery store’s main focus is on produce, and the majority of the produce comes from local growers.

It’s a great spot for those with limited options and a food insecurity, as well as for those who are looking for healthy, affordable food.

In addition to buying the produce we like, we also got to meet the growers and try a few of their products.

They’re really friendly, helpful and eager to help out anyone who’s trying to make ends meet.

They even have a small garden where we could plant our own seeds.

While we’re there, we were able to pick up some cool things we can use on our weekly trips to the store, like an avocado salad, cucumber salad, and pickled vegetables.

The garden is about two acres, but there’s enough room for about six plants and the avocado is the best part.

We picked up some organic tomatoes and picked out some fresh cucumbers.

We’ll probably keep the garden stocked with fresh produce for a while and maybe start growing some lettuce.

As for the avocado, we decided to get some fresh fruit because it’s the only fruit that we can buy at the store that we haven’t had to go pick up before.

We got to try some of the fruits in a variety of flavors, and it was a great experience.

I think I’m going to have a hard time not wanting to buy a bunch of those for the kids.

And then there’s the cucumber, which is one of the few that is available in the Portland market.

You can pick up cucumbers in Portland from any store.

They are available in whole or sliced, but if you want them to be sliced, you need to bring them to the supermarket.

But it turns out that there’s a small grocery store in Portland that sells fresh cucumber on a daily basis, and we got some from the local farmers market.

So, we got our fresh cucuums and it turns to be a great addition to our weekly grocery shopping trip.

In the meantime, I was happy to see the new produce line up at the market.

I really liked the selection and the prices for the fruits.

The prices are so competitive, and I’m happy to have it.

We also got some fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, and garlic from local vendors.

If you’re in the market and can’t make it, you can also get your hands on the frozen and fresh produce that’s available in Portland.

You get fresh produce from the farmers market, and then you have to pick it up and bring it to the warehouse for delivery.

We saw a lot of frozen fruit, and of course, it’s delicious, but the prices are really expensive.

There are also many other produce options for sale, but I think it’s going to be really hard to find fresh produce when you’re shopping at a supermarket.

I’ve seen the prices on some of those items, but that’s where the grocery stores have to make up for it.

They need to offer a better price than the market, which they do.

The farmers market is a great way for families to shop locally and get fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, and even some organic produce for free.

If we can make it to Portland and try some produce at the farmers’ market, we’ll be looking forward to getting it.

There’s also a good selection of organic foods on the store shelves, and that’s great for families who are struggling to afford groceries.

And, of course it’s a fun experience for kids, who can play and interact with the produce.

I can’t wait to try that salad and pick up more cucumbers at the local market.

For the kids who want more produce, they can always come to the farmers markets in Portland and get some of their favorite fruits, vegetables, and nuts for a discount.

For everyone else, we recommend the food pantries that are run by the Salvation Army.

There, they’ll also provide a food stamp and grocery card.

In order to get these things, you have have to bring your own food.

And even though we don’t usually