Baltimore man arrested after allegedly beating 2 children

A Maryland man was arrested Sunday after allegedly hitting two young children, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Shane L. Smith, 24, was charged with assault and battery, according the Baltimore Police Department.

Smith has been a licensed caregiver since 2013, according his LinkedIn profile.

Smith was being held without bond on $150,000 bond, according police.

The incident occurred Sunday afternoon at a flower shop in the 3200 block of South Broad Street, according Baltimore Police.

Smith told police he knocked the children into the snow and threw them against a wall and threw a blanket over them, according a police report.

Smith also told police that he was “in a rage” and that he “had been drinking and going through the motions” for the past three days, according an arrest report.

Police said they arrived to the scene and spoke to Smith about the incident.

Smith allegedly told them that he went into the flower shop because he wanted to “just have a good time,” according to a police arrest report, and that his wife was at work and they were “just hanging out” with a friend.

“I didn’t know they were hurt,” Smith told police.

“It wasn’t like it was a punch in the face, it was just something that was out of the ordinary,” said his sister, Ashley Smith, who said she was in the store when the incident occurred.

“I think he just wanted to do his thing.

I think he thought he was just going to have a drink.”

Smith’s attorney did not immediately return a request for comment.

Baltimore Police Lt.

Michael Hickey told the Sun that detectives are still investigating the incident and said Smith will face a judge in court.