‘Mysterious’ spider webs are threatening home and car in North Carolina

The mystery webs that have been threatening homeowners and cars in North Carollinas have also been found in California, according to the National Park Service.

The spiders have been found at homes in Los Angeles, Riverside, Riverside County, and other locations in the Central Coast.

A spokesperson for the National Parks Service told The Next Home News that the webs have been identified as a type of hornet.

“The webs are similar to hornets and are found at various locations in Southern California and other parts of the U.S.,” the spokesperson said.

“They are generally found in low to medium-sized, wooded areas.

They can also be found in high-elevation, dense urban areas.

The webs can cause irritation to pets and people.”

The webs were discovered at two locations in Los Feliz.

A neighbor called authorities after noticing the webs on a tree branch, and authorities were able to track the spiders down.

A woman called 911 and told police that she saw the spiders in her yard on May 6.

The homeowner told police she thought the spiders were a large hornet and told authorities that she had to leave the area immediately because she was worried about her pets.

The spider webs were identified as an invasive species, according the NPS. 

The spokesperson said that the spiders are typically found in areas where they will feed on other insects, which will in turn feed on human beings.

The webs can be spotted by the small black or brown spiders that are commonly found around houses.

The NPS says the spiders can be dangerous if they get trapped inside a person’s clothing, as well as if they fall into food sources.

“If you see them, stay away from them,” the spokesperson wrote in a statement.

“If you can see them with the naked eye, they are probably hiding.”

The spiders are also known to be a problem for homeowners who have recently purchased new houses, according a spokesperson for San Diego-based real estate firm Zillow.

The spokesperson said the spiders have also recently been found inside homes in the South and West.

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