What to do if you get your hands on an invasive plant


— A bloxburgh flower shop in Virginia says it has been forced to close by a court order over a plant that threatens to destroy a family’s livelihood.

The bloxburger flower shop, located in Bloxburg, Virginia, is one of the few businesses in the region that grows the flower and sells it online.

The flower was sold in Virginia for $1,000 a pound before the court ordered it shut down.

But a judge on Monday ordered the business shut down again.

The court order states that the flower shop’s owners were not required to provide identification and were not registered to sell flower, according to the Bloxburgers website.

“Our flower is sold for personal use, not for sale,” the website reads.

“We are concerned about this situation and will be enforcing this order as soon as possible.”

The flower shop is now closed, according the website.

The Bloxbergs say they are in the process of getting legal advice on what to do next.

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