Why are the flowers of the UK floral shops so much nicer than those of Australia?

I’m not sure I could find a single Australian flower shop that wasn’t better than a flower shop in London or New York.

In fact, they were all so pretty and so colourful, that I had a hard time choosing between them.

But if I wanted a little something different from what I had in my wardrobe, the choice was easy.

I went to the London Flower Shop, a lovely little shop on Covent Garden Road.

It was a nice, clean shop, and there was an extensive range of flower and plant options, with a lot of different styles and colours available.

I chose a blue rose with a little green ribbon, and a white rose with flowers that were actually a bit bigger than my own.

The price was quite reasonable, although I think the flowers I picked were probably worth a little more than I paid. 

The flowers are quite pretty, but it is hard to find a floral shop that really makes them better than other floral shops in London and New York, even if it is just because they are bigger and more colourful.

I have found the prices of Australian flowers to be a little bit higher than some of the other shops I have tried in the UK, which I can understand.

They have higher quality and are priced more competitively, which is something I really appreciate.

The shop does not have a lot in the way of natural resources and is therefore a little smaller than a traditional flower shop, but the selection of flowers is extensive and it is a pleasure to visit, particularly when you are not in a hurry to visit London or a new destination. 

My main gripe with this flower shop is that it is small.

I found that the room is rather cramped and the staff are a little shy.

I think they have a hard job and have to do their best, and I would not recommend this to people who have a bigger wardrobe.

I would recommend it to people looking for a slightly cheaper alternative to a traditional London floral shop, though, and for people looking to have a little fun. 

I have not tried the flowers themselves, but I will say that the colour scheme was lovely.

It reminded me of the flower shops of London.

It looked a bit like a floral garden, but there was also a lovely mix of different colours, which made it stand out from the other flowers. 

For some people, the floral items are a bit too expensive for what they need, but if you are looking for something that will really surprise and satisfy you, then this is the place to go. 

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