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When is the next Democratic debate? Here’s where you can watch live online

The Hill’s Cindy Williams reports live coverage of Democratic candidates’ final town halls.

Watch LIVE: Democrats’ final debate begins at 10 p.m.

ET on Tuesday.

The candidates’ responses to a barrage of questions can be viewed in real time, or watched on a laptop computer in a virtual studio.

Here are some tips on when the next debate will be: Thursday: Democrats begin a marathon town hall with more than 20 questions from the public, including from candidates who are still undecided.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo asks Hillary Clinton if she will continue to defend her husband’s legacy, including his signature healthcare law, the Affordable Care Act.

Sanders, who has repeatedly called for an end to the law, said he supports “a single-payer, single-payer health care system.”

Watch LIVE | The Hill: Bernie Sanders asks Hillary to defend Obamacare in town hallWatch LIVE: Bernie is asking Hillary to support a single-payment health care plan for the U.S.A. Sanders has repeatedly said he will support a “Medicare for all” healthcare system, but he has not made that a centerpiece of his campaign.

Hillary Clinton has said she will support the single-payer healthcare system that Sanders supports, and that her healthcare reform bill would be modeled on Sanders’ legislation.

She will be the first female presidential nominee in the race.

Thursday: The final presidential debate will air on CNN.

Sanders will address the event.

WATCH LIVE | CNN hosts ask Bernie Sanders if he will continue with his Medicare for All healthcare plan in townhall WATCH LIVE: Hillary Clinton will discuss her healthcare plan with CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin in her first town hall.

Clinton said she has been working to improve access to healthcare for everyone, and said she was excited to be able to discuss it with Sanders.

“When I’m president, I want to see health care be a right for all Americans,” Clinton said.

Watch: Clinton is asked whether she would continue with Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for all healthcare plan.

Watch Live | TheHill: Hillary is asked about Sanders’ healthcare plan on CNNWatch LIVE | Clinton says she will discuss healthcare with CNN host Brooke BaldwinIn addition to the town hall, CNN will host a town hall on Thursday at noon ET.

This event will be moderated by Anderson Cooper, who will ask Clinton questions about her healthcare overhaul and her 2016 presidential campaign.

WATCH: Clinton has a message for Bernie Sanders and the left: “It’s important for the Democratic Party to keep the focus on the issues,” she said, adding that “the party needs to be about economic justice, economic fairness, economic justice for all people.”

Watch: Democrats debate for first time on Tuesday, April 4, 2020Watch: Bernie speaks in front of his supporters in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Tuesday April 4.

The Democratic Party will hold its first presidential debate on Tuesday evening.

The event will air live on CNN and on cable news channels across the country.

WATCH VIDEO: Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks at a rally in Las Veldas, Nevada on TuesdayApril 4, 2039.

WATCH VIDEO: Bernie spoke to his supporters after the first debate in Las Vegnes, Nevada.

WATCH The Hill  Thursday: The Hill will host the first Democratic presidential debate at 10:00 p.mm ET on Wednesday, April 5.

This is the first presidential town hall event to air live online.

Watch live: Democratic candidates will be asked to defend the Affordable Healthcare Act and other policies.

Watch CNN’s Democratic Presidential Debate on CNN’s live webcast from Las Vegas.

WATCH | The Washington Post: Democrats will face the first major test of the GOP’s ‘repeal and replace’ strategyWatch live: Democrats face the GOP challenge on repeal and replace in a townhall on Wednesday.


How to get a fresh look at your favorite flower shop

A few weeks ago, we were surprised to see an advertisement for the Pasadena Flower Shop.

We went there to check it out and quickly realized it wasn’t a new place.

We had just stumbled across it by accident while walking down a street, and we were hooked.

The shop is owned by a family that has been around since the 1920s, and it is known for its colorful, hand-crafted bouquets and other floral displays.

The owner, Cindy Williams, has been working for nearly 40 years to expand the shop, and she said that the family decided to open the shop because of a need.

“I’m trying to expand my family,” she said.

“My husband, my two sons, and myself have all passed away, and I’m trying now to fill the void.”

Williams said that she and her husband, Bob, opened the shop in 1987.

The family originally lived in Sarasota, Florida, and had purchased the shop from the family who owned it when it was still a family-owned business.

Now, the shop has a new owner and a new name: Cindy Williams and Her Flower Shop in Sarasotas.

“It was an idea I had, and that I wanted to continue to have in the future,” Williams said.

A large part of the business’s success is the collection of flowers and other decorative items that are displayed inside the shop.

“The whole show, the whole store, we are a family,” Williams told us.

“So many things are handmade.

So many different types of flowers.

The flowers are beautiful and unique.

We are a showroom.

There is no other place in the world where you can have this.

It’s just something you just go to, you just see.”

A flower show is a special experience for Williams and her family, and they say that their shop is the only one in Sarasowas that showcases all of the varieties of flowers that have been grown and produced over the years.

“They’re not just any flower,” Williams explained.

“We are a different kind of family.

And I think they really appreciate it.”

And the shop is a wonderful place to visit, especially if you have the money to splurge.

The prices at the flower shop range from $25 to $60 a head.

The price is about twice what you would pay in a shop like the one at Macy’s.

And if you do get caught in a crowd, you can order flowers in advance.

And because the store is a family run business, you are guaranteed a spot in line.

“You have to pay upfront and you have to wait,” Williams joked.

“But we are here and we have to show you the way.”