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Which celebrity is going to steal your soul?

There’s a lot of people in your life who love you and will do anything to make you happy.

But there’s one person who you can never count on: Your father.

The love of your life is your best friend.

But every time you talk to him, he’ll tell you to stop.

He’ll tell them you’re not a good person, that you don’t love him enough.

And that he hates you, too.

For years, that’s been your father.

You’ve been told by all your friends, your teachers, your family that you’re so special that he has to do something to make sure you’re happy.

You’re the one who can do whatever it takes to make him happy.

But every time he sees you smile, he tells you you’re the bad boy who doesn’t deserve him.

He wants you to be a better person, he wants you and your family to love each other.

But what you’ve been taught is that he doesn’t love you.

He’s a sadist.

That’s what he tells his children and his friends.

You have to make up for his mistakes.

And you have to let him see that you care.

So, as you try to make ends meet, you keep thinking of the good times you’ve had with your dad.

But you wonder what he would do if he was really happy.

Would he do it all over again?

Would he want to do the same things over again and again?

Would he want his children to do it too?

Or would he want them to be the bad boys?

You might be right, but you can’t be sure.

Maybe your dad isn’t all bad.

Maybe he’s just a big bad boy.

You’ll need to find out if he’s a good father.

Why are women more likely to buy flowers than men?

By Jennifer LoomisCoatesville, Va.

(AP)Women are more likely than men to shop at flower shops, according to a survey by flower shop owner and blogger Viviano Flowers.

In a study published Thursday in the journal Consumer Reports, the flower shop co-owner and blogger says she sees a significant gender gap in the amount of women who buy flowers.

She says women are far more likely that men to order online and shop at other flower shops.

Coatesvillians flower shop at Viviano’s in Coatesville.

Coatsville, Virginia, has the highest percentage of female flower shop customers of any U.S. city.

The city of 4.5 million is home to about 8,000 flower shops with an average of 2,500 flowers a day.

The survey found that women are more than twice as likely as men to visit a flower shop and buy flowers, with women spending about twice as much on flowers as men.