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How to be an anti-racist at your local flower shop

When you’re looking for a new flower shop in New York City, it can be difficult to determine which is best.

But that’s what the Anti-Racism Action Center at Boston University recently discovered when they surveyed over 100 flower shops across the city.

The survey showed that the most popular flower shop is a flower shop owned by a white woman.

The second-most popular is a white-owned one owned by an Asian woman.

And the third-most common is a Vietnamese shop owned and operated by a black woman.

While white women have the most shops, the Asian and black women’s shops have the lowest overall percentage of flower shop owners of any ethnic group.

That’s in part because of the fact that white women are generally more likely to work in the retail industry than Asian or black women.

In other words, Asian women are less likely to be self-employed, and black people are more likely than white women to be in the workforce.

The Asian and African-American women’s flower shops also tend to be located in the South, which is an area with a higher proportion of African-Americans than white people.

That said, the survey also found that Asian and Black women are also more likely (though not necessarily the only) to work at a flower store than white or Asian women.

This makes sense when you consider that Asian women work in construction and landscaping, while white women in retail are mostly at home.

This means that Asian, Black and white women tend to spend more time at flower shops, which means they’re more likely for the store to be more welcoming to people of color.

The report, called Flower Shop Diversity, found that white people are far more likely and white flower shop proprietors are less welcome than black, Asian, or Vietnamese flower shop owner.

In addition, flower shop managers are more willing to hire more people of other races and ethnicities, including Asian, black and white people, than white flower owner managers.

So if you’re wondering if you can find a flower that’s better for you, or if there are any good Asian or Black or Vietnamese ones in your area, this might be a good place to start.