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Which flower shop in Halifax has the freshest flowers?

By SINNAH SARENJADEN/Herald StaffIt is the busiest time of year for flower sellers across Nova Scotia.

And the city has a plethora of choices when it comes to the perfect petals, which is why there are so many flower shops across the province.

But one flower shop is proving to be a must-visit for anyone looking for a fresh flower.

It’s called Paradise Flower Shop, located in the heart of Dartmouth, and it is one of only a few in Nova Scotia that are open year round.

“We have an outdoor patio and a huge selection of flowers, so you can walk in, grab your favorite flower, and be up and about in no time,” said Shannon Davenport, who runs Paradise Flower.

“The only thing I think is, why wouldn’t you want to have some flowers in the fall?” she said.

But this year, it’s not just flowers, but the animals as well.

The petals at Paradise FlowerShop are the perfect size and the variety of colours are astounding.

The shop’s petals are made with the latest in technology.

The glass container is made with a transparent, porous material to prevent insects from getting inside.

The flower shop also sells an array of other products, including the popular kite plant.

Davenport said she does not believe there is one particular flower that everyone will want.

“It’s all about the experience.

The flower shop itself is the place you go and you really go in there and you see what they have to offer.

It’s not about the price,” she said

How to get the best of both worlds with this flower shop

This is the perfect spot for any wedding planner or floral consultant.

This flower shop is located in Chandler, Arizona, just off Interstate 10.

It has a gorgeous indoor garden, outdoor patio and indoor/outdoor seating.

You can get a variety of flower supplies and flowers for your special day or special occasion.

You’ll also find everything from flower pots, twigs and bougainvilleas, to flower decorations and plants.

The shop also sells gifts for you and your guests, including a selection of floral and gift items, which are available at a great price.