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How to get a $1.1 billion wind farm for the state

By Sarah J. Goggin, Staff WriterWoodbury Flower Shop owner Heather Bracknell says she’s “100 percent” in favor of the state getting $1 billion in state funding to build a $20 billion windfarm.

But Brackney, who is also the owner of the nearby Brackneysbury Garden Center, said she believes the state should get the money first and focus on getting it to her business, rather than giving the money to the community.

Bracknell said she is not against the state building the windfarm, just the way it is planned to be built.

She said the state has the ability to get the most out of the money and invest it in the community, but that she doesn’t want to spend the money on another windfarm that is not needed.

Brackney said she wants to have more than one windfarm and hopes to get more support for that from the state.

“It’s not about just me.

It’s about all the people in the state,” Brackner said.

“There are people who are not paying attention to us.”

Bracknick said she does not know the state is looking for a certain amount of money for a windfarm in the way they are, and that the money should be directed to Bracknys Garden Center rather than a community center.

She said she would like to see the state invest the money in the local economy.

“We don’t need another $20 million in our community just to have one windmill that is going to be used in one of the big farms.

We need to invest in our local economy,” Brickney said.

Brickney added that she supports building a new stadium at Bracknesbury, but said that building a windmill there would be too expensive for a small business.

Bracks Garden Center said it has not been contacted by the state for comment on the windmill proposal.

The Garden Center is a public garden center that provides free flowers, plants, flowers baskets and other products to the city.

The state is expected to send $300,000 in support of the Brackns Garden Center’s $200,000 donation to the state’s Department of Environmental Quality.